Secretary – Thomas Lee

vsessian">President – Arka Movsessiann in British Columbia that plans and operates the Anime Evolution convention and related events. Membership is open to anyone interested in volunteering for the convention but is not a requirement to help out. Joining the society, however, gives you benefits such as the right to vote in elections and have a voice in the decision-making.


The purposes of the society are:
(a) Running events for the purpose of gathering people to celebrate anime and related themes in a social setting.
(b) To foster and unite community between enthusiasts of anime and related themes.


Society Bylaws

ety bylaws outlines the rights of each member and the rules and regulations that govern how our society operates.
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Board of

Board of Directors 2016-2017

font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px;">President – Arka Movsessian

Vice President – Kenneth Ng

zzadeh was first introduced to anime at a young age and since had a great interest in its increasing popularity and evolution through the years. Starting his staffing career in anime conventions in 2007 with Anime Evolution he has moved onto various positions but has settled mainly into programming work. He has organized panels and held a popular event “The Walkoff” since 2013 at various conventions and as a stand alone event. Arash attended The Art Institute of Vancouver while holding a steady job as a Supervisor Line Cook and assisting with his family’s catering business and is no stranger to hard work, the need for structure, and the adherence to quality. He tries his best to establish the bar at which the Vancouver Anime Convention Society and it’s events and convention must achieve to remain a progressive and contributing part of the anime community. -->

Treasurer – Philip Carless

d; font-size: 14px;">Secretary – Thomas Lee

Community Liaison – Dru Chan

-- Arka had started out with Anime Evolution since 2004 as a volunteer, and then becoming staff in 2005 as a main stage backup audio.  Other than a backup main stage audio person, Arka has been helping with DJing for dances and his list of staff-related positions expanded from there.  With his study of the Recording and Sound Design program at Columbia Academy, Arka has been a very valueable asset towards the team with anything audio or video-related.  Other than working at AE, Arka works full time at Costco Wholesale in Surrey, working in many various departments, as well as working part time as a Multi-Campus Member Service Specialist at the Kwantlen Student Association.  His interest in hobbies are photography, cars, and planning events.-->