Dear Community,

The Board of Executives at Anime Evolution would like to thank everyone that love what we do, and appreciate everyone who attends our event. The community has been grateful to us for the past 19 years and we appreciate everyone who have been a part of its history.

As you have heard, we have announced our main event for this summer, and we got a lot of the comments about our future plans. The comments are not all positive and some were just awful. We knew that the community would not like the plans we had for this year due to the fact that we are shifting from a 3 day convention to a 1 day convention. As a Non-profit organization, everyone on the board of executives and staff volunteers their hours to satisfy everyone within the community. The board of executives have sat for hours contemplating on the best options we had for the organization and the plans set for the community.

There has been a lot of things done behind the curtain of the planning process in order to satisfy everyone in the community. We have been trying to find the best date that does not collide with ANY convention that are happening along the west coast of North America. And we have talked with every convention within the community in order to not have our event as the same weekend as theirs. On that same note, we had to find a venue that can host our event on that weekend. The best choice was the Vancouver Playhouse/Queen Elizabeth Theatre. There are tons of special announcements we have for that venue, please look forward to it.

We at Anime Evolution LOVE the community, and without people loving what we do, we could not do any of these amazing events for the community. We organize everything for the community and the board of executives try our hardest to satisfy everyone within the community. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at for any concerns.


The Board of Executives 2017

Anime Evolution’s Open Letter to the Community