2015ae_logo-full-colour-with-no-guttersAnime Evolution is Vancouver’s premier event celebrating Japanese animation, manga, gaming, and every kind of related fandom. Our featured activities include interactive panel discussions with industry guests, cultural demonstrations, 24-hour video rooms, cosplay contests, an AMV contest, a charity auction, evening dances, and creative workshops. We also offer LAN, tabletop, LARP, and console gaming rooms.

Anime Evolution’s focus is entertainment, community and cultural diversity in a fun, family friendly, inclusive and accessible setting.



>Anime Evolution started out as a 1-day public Japanese anime showing by the SFU Altered Reality Club (ARC) in 1998, named Anime Showcase at the time. This was expanded to a yearly three-day run at SFU Harbour Centre with participation from other local anime clubs: the Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS), the Vancouver Sleep is for Wimps Anime Team (VSWAT), and the UBC Anime Club.

Evolution>In 2003, the 3-day showcase made the leap from local campus event to a full public convention under the name of Anime Evolution (AE). Attendance grew from 300 to 1,200+ as special events, vendors and industry guests were added to the video showings. The goal was to accommodate growing mainstream interest, while maintaining AE’s grassroots ties.

We are proud to be supported by the efforts of local fan organizations in the Vancouver area, as well as industry and other groups in North America and Japan. We are also committed to giving back to the community and our charity of choice has been the SFU Foodbank since 1999 along with the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation since 2005.



2009, total attendance for Anime Evolution’s seventh year as a convention was an astounding 5,000 people and in 2010 we had our biggest single year increase ever with a total attendence of 6,150. Anime Evolution will continue to expand and evolve to meet the growing demand for what is quickly becoming mainstream entertainment in North American culture!