Special Guest from Square Enix, Naoshi Mizuta, will be attending this year’s Anime Evolution!

He is a composer of various Square Enix and FINAL FANTASY Franchise titles. Mr. Mizuta started out with composing music for Parasite Eve 2 in 1998 and has become a legendary iconic music composer within the FINAL FANTASY XI franchise. On top of that, he composed music for FINAL FANTASY: The 4 Heroes of Light. As a multi-talented musician, he created the band “The Star Onions” where he plays the bass. His recent composed works are from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. 

Naoshi Mizuta will be having exclusive meet & greet as a featured guest for this year’s Anime Evolution 2017.

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Naoshi Mizuta will be attending AE 2017!

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