Special Guest from Square Enix, Naoshi Mizuta, will be attending this year’s Anime Evolution!

He is a composer of various Square Enix and FINAL FANTASY Franchise titles. Mr. Mizuta started out with composing music for Parasite Eve 2 in 1998 and has become a legendary iconic music composer within the FINAL FANTASY XI franchise. On top of that, he composed music for FINAL FANTASY: The 4 Heroes of Light. As a multi-talented musician, he created the band “The Star Onions” where he plays the bass. His recent composed works are from FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. 

Naoshi Mizuta will be having exclusive meet & greet as a featured guest for this year’s Anime Evolution 2017.

Shalini Alice Kumar is a Vancouver based Certified Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Talent Agent. Trained in Beauty, Stage, Character and Special FX Makeup for TV and Film. She has worked on various TV and Film productions alongside teaching Makeup, Special FX and Character Creations to teens and also successfully establishing her own freelance makeup artist business Sheen’s Make-up N’ SPFX. When she isn’t working in the world of Makeup, Shalini is a Commercial and Background Talent Agent so she always has her feet in the industry in one way or another. Having attended Anime Evolution in previous years as a promo girl and make-up artist, Shalini is excited and honored to be one of the judges for the cosplay contest this year!

Local radio broadcast personality Ara Andonian is a BCIT Broadcast program graduate and has worked in the radio industry for over 20 years. He has interviewed people at comic cons, and industry professionals in the film, music, TV, wrestling, art, and voice acting worlds. You can hear his radio show on KiSS Radio 104.9FM Vancouver from 2-6pm weekdays and on the Youtube Hits across Canada with Ara on weekends on the Rogers stations.