1. Why don’t you bring ________ band/musical act?
We welcome all suggestions for events, guests and musical acts. Here are some things to take into consideration when making a suggestion to AE staff:

  • Are they out of town? – If they are, how many people are in the band. Beyond that, how many others will need to travel with the band? This includes any of their road crew and agents. The more people that have to travel with the musical act is less money spent on bringing in other guests.
  • How popular are they? – Though we love to bring in the most popular bands from Japan, we do have to take into account the size of the convention and the revenue generated in turn. As well, we want to balance musical acts with other guests.
  • Contact information? – Do they have agents? If so, it would help AE staff a lot if any contact information can be included in the suggestion as well.

2. I have an event in mind. Should I fill out the event submission form?
If you are submitting the form, please ensure that you are prepared for the commitment in terms of planning and event follow-up. If you are unsure about taking the responsibility of organizing the event, or if you want to check whether the event will appeal to your target audience first, please open a new discussion thread for the event in the forum section instead.

3. I have an idea for _____ Who do I contact?
You can find the names and emails of the people in charge of the particular areas in AE that will be able to help you directly on the Contact page. Please do allow us a few days to get to your response though.