random-panelFan-run panels are one of the main pillars of an anime conventions – they are your chance to show the anime community about certain games or anime you like, or certain elements of Japan and anime culture that you would like to present to an audience.

Do you have an idea for an event or panel you’d like to run at this year’s convention? We want to hear it! Use the form below to submit your panel or event.

Submit your panel

Please note that, due to the volume of requests, submitting a panel application will not necessarily guarantee that the panel will be accepted.  Requests will be reviewed and responded to on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

If you’d like to suggest an idea for an event / panel, but will be unable to run it, please contact us!


General Rules for Event & Panel Hosts

Running your panel
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your panel(s) for set-up. If changes need to be made, please contact the panel coordinator no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Anime Evolution can provide certain audio/visual equipment as is displayed in our submission form. Any additional equipment requirements should be listed on your form in the space provided.
  • Hosts are to provide all other supplies and materials needed to run their event if Anime Evolution is unable to provide them.
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    • Hosts providing content more or equal to 60 minutes in length through one (1) or more panels are entitled to two (2) free passes to the convention.
      • Those who provide content more or equal to 30 minutes are entitled to one (1) free pass to the convention.
      • Note that this applies to both the primary and secondary hosts and only those who are providing content. All additional panelists will need to buy a pass to Anime Evolution and will be charged first tier pre-registration prices to an amount deemed appropriate by the panel coordinator.
    • The maximum discount on any pass will not exceed $15 from the full price set by Anime Evolution.
    Panelist conduct
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    • Hosts are not allowed to sell merchandise during the panels. Free prizes, samples, and giveaways are allowed but must be approved before hand by the panel coordinator.
      • Make sure that your event is age and content appropriate (i.e. no racist comments, harassment, vulgar language, offensive material, etc). If the panel/event is intended for adults only, please indicate this on the form.
      • If you wish to run an adult panel running adult material the content of your panel will need to be supplied to the panel coordinator in charge of your panel for review.
    • All hosts must demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of the topic they are presenting. Please provide a detailed description of what you will be doing in the appropriate section of the form as well with links, websites, reviews, etc you feel would strengthen your claim.
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    • Panels and events have a maximum time of 90 minutes for set-up and presentation. Additional presentation time may be requested, but must be approved by the panel coordinator. If you require additional setup time, this may be indicated on the form.
      • Requests for your panel’s preferred time cannot be guaranteed. If you are unable to make the time scheduled for your panel please notify us as soon as possible.
    • If you do not show up for your event without prior notification before the event or without just cause (ie family emergency, accident on the way to the convention, etc.) you may not be eligible to participate as a host in future events held by the Vancouver Anime Convention Society.
    Additional Disclaimers
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  • Anime Evolution holds the right to change, move or cancel any panel or event at any time.
  • Anime Evolution holds the right to change, add, or remove any of the policies at any time.